XOV token contract is published

The XOV token (our volatile token) is now operational on the blockchain. The XOV token was offered as part of a recent Airdrop to stimulate interest in the project, and so that our investors could accumulate the token to redeem against XOVG (our stable, non-volatile token) in the future. The XOVG token will be gold backed.

​XOV has been invited to list the XOV token on two exchanges. The max supply is not confirmed yet but is in the region 65M.

Quarterly update – Q1 2018

XOVnet gets closer with our provisional research on how to stabilise digital currency. The XOV Economics and Finance Panel will meet to discuss the research in May.

​The high level architecture is being developed for the XOVnet ecosystem enabling global decentralised banking services to be offered to retail and institutional customers.

​We are also developing our Global Merchant Programme and are in discussions with potential merchants for XOVnet.

​Blockpass have also been selected as our preferred KYC/AML partner for XOV.

Tokenisation strategy and update

XOV has provisionally decided on its long-term tokenisation strategy.

​The XOV token recently offered to the public is a utility token and will be the volatile version of our token. The max supply has not been confirmed but will be moderate to low. The token is being considered for listing on selected exchanges. This token will be vested for qualifying token-holders starting the end of April 2018.

​Two other tokens will also be released later this year. XOV tokens may be available to redeem against the non-volatile version of the new token.

​Further updates in due course.

New Advisory Board appointment

We are pleased to announce our latest Advisory Board appointment. Mauro Biasolo has agreed to join us as our VC & Investment Advisor. Mauro has a wealth of experience in managing finance for ICO projects and will be an asset to the team.

​Mauro joins Demelza our Economics Advisor.

XOV Lite Paper is released

XOV is pleased to announce the release of it’s Lite Paper today detailing more information about the project and its Roadmap. This is also accompanied by a Project Press Release.

Seed Funding Round

We are launching the XOV Seed Funding Round on 1 March 2018 to raise capital for the furtherance of our crypto-banking infrastructure concept. ERC-20 tokens will be issued.