Infinito Airdrop Bonus

If you were lucky enough to successfully register for the Infinito Wallet airdrop for XOV recently (as it was sold out after only 6 days) then we’re offering a 10% bonus when you deposit your XOV in our DAMP when it launches. To qualify you will need to deposit 2,000 XOV against a wallet that was distributed to from Infinito Wallet. Other wallet addresses will not be accepted.

XOVRST.BTS product is launched

XOV have today launched their Revenue Sharing Token (RST) on the Bitshares network. The RST is a limited edition, unique opportunity to share in the fruits of our success by investing in the project in return for a 5% share of the revenues from the forthcoming Decentralised Asset Management Platform (DAMP). The RST is available exclusive for XOV customers only and offer quarterly returns. Eligibility and other terms and conditions apply.

XOV.ETH Token Supply Reporting

We are aware that the XOV.ETH token supply is not being correctly reported at the moment. We are working with Coinmarketcap to rectify this as soon as possible. This involves supplying detailed information that the CMC enter into software that has a special algorithm. The correct estimates are below:

Max supply:   140m XOV

Circulating supply: 117.7m

Market cap: This can be calculated by multiplying the circulating supply x market price

XOV adds the TUSD market on Mercatox exchange

XOV has added the TUSD (TrueUSD) market on the Mercatox exchange. This provides more choice for our XOV.ETH tokenholders and provides a stable currency trading pair relative to the BTC and ETH markets. XOV will continue to provide more choices to its tokenholders.

XOV Global Charity Fund

XOV has today launched its Global Charity Fund. We’re proud to support our selected charities and to give our customers the opportunity to support them too. XOV is much more than just a decentralised finance business – we’re here to help make a difference to others through financial empowerment. More information is available on our XOV Global Charity Fund page.

Infinito Wallet Airdrop Success

We recently promoted an XOV Airdrop with the leading universal mobile wallet app,  Infinito Wallet, targeting 25,000 registrants. Due to unprecedented demand for the XOV.ETH token, the Airdrop was fully subscribed within 6 days of being made available. The Airdrop registration has now ended, with tokens being distributed between 13th and 27th December 2018. We expect further opportunities like this to be made available during 2019. Thanks to everyone who successfully registered.


You’ll be able to use your XOV.ETH tokens in our forthcoming DAMP release so please keep hold of them. If you wish to increase your portfolio, you can purchase more tokens at the Mercatox exchange.

XOV 2.0 Website is Released

The team at XOV are proud to announce that the re-developed website including re-branding is now complete and launched today. We’ve worked really hard to bring you the website we believe in and that meets the needs of not only the traditional cryptocurrency markets but the wider markets we are targeting – the mass general public, as part of the long term vision of our business. Our website was developed with Fishbat. We’ll continue to develop our website and bring more richness and features over the coming months.

Union Bank of Philippines

XOV is pleased to be meeting with executives from the Union Bank of Philippines this week to explore collaboration opportunities.

XOV listed on Mercatox Exchange

XOV is pleased to announce that the XOV token is now listed on the Mercatox exchange at

This is part of an exchange strategy and further listings will be confirmed in the future.