XOV is featured in Forbes

XOV is featured in Forbes today alongside the Ford Motor Company and IBM. The article discusses how blockchain technology can be used for good. XOV is featured for its ambitious plans to create a global blockchain bank and stable digital currency and David Alexander-Knowles, CEO of XOV is quoted as saying:

I believe that blockchain in 2019 is where the internet was in 1990 with the next Facebook and Amazon in the making today, but in a financial and banking context.

It provides opportunity for individuals, corporations and states to transfer risk from the fiat monetary system to a digital monetary system that is hedged against transparent and tokenized assets of value

The full article is available to read here: https://www.forbes.com/sites/montymunford/2019/01/23/blockchain-for-good-and-blockchain-innovation-set-the-scene-for-2019/#e12fdef2d1e1


Rapids partners with XOV in social media payments deal






The Rapids network is partnering with XOV in a bid to provide an easy-to-use payments service for social media platforms. As part of this deal, XOV have agreed to provide a digital payments service to Rapids using a new payments brand to support the processing of transactions including conversion to native currencies using a Swiss Bank partner. As part of the partnership, Rapids will be listing their RPD coin onto the XOV DAMP later this year, and both parties are also exploring other strategic opportunities. XOV will announce details of its news digital payment services division soon.


For more information:


Rapid_XOV Press Release Final


Listen to the XOV vision with the CryptoWendy podcast

Listen to the CEO, David Alexander-Knowles discussing the future of the XOV project in a special podcast broadcast with crypto-influencer, CryptoWendy. The interview is being recorded on 21 January 2019 and will be released shortly afterwards.

The Bitcoin super-highway is coming: XOVBTC

XOV is pleased to confirm that the XOVBTC gateway is being developed and is scheduled to be launched before the end of January 2019. The gateway will be available to XOV DAMP customers and any other BitShares account-holder for Bitcoin transactions.


The XOV gateway will offer:-


> Fast transaction settlement times

> High liquidity



Welcome to the newest and super-fast Bitcoin highway.

DAMP launches 27 December 2018

Our first retail product, the Decentralised Asset Management Plarform (DAMP) is launching on 27 December 2018 (PM, CET/GMT). The DAMP brings together months of planning and development and is completely self-financed.

Infinito Airdrop Bonus

If you were lucky enough to successfully register for the Infinito Wallet airdrop for XOV recently (as it was sold out after only 6 days) then we’re offering a 10% bonus when you deposit your XOV in our DAMP when it launches. To qualify you will need to deposit 2,000 XOV against a wallet that was distributed to from Infinito Wallet. Other wallet addresses will not be accepted.

XOVRST.BTS product is launched

XOV have today launched their Revenue Sharing Token (RST) on the Bitshares network. The RST is a limited edition, unique opportunity to share in the fruits of our success by investing in the project in return for a 5% share of the revenues from the forthcoming Decentralised Asset Management Platform (DAMP). The RST is available exclusive for XOV customers only and offer quarterly returns. Eligibility and other terms and conditions apply.