XOV is undergoing a restructuring process to accommodate the next phases of the project. This does not affect the current progress of the Roadmap and the project is continuing as normal. As part of the restructuring, David is stepping down as CEO to give someone else an opportunity to move the project forward. He has given 16 months to the project and the team wish him every success for the future. As a result, the team have appointed Arno Schalke as the Acting CEO with immediate effect alongside his CTO role and the team are in the process of appointing a new CEO to lead the project into the next phases. The test stable coin is still in progress.

Investor Relations

The project team have decided to change their communication strategy for investors. All investor news and progress will now be communicated on the XOV website, Twitter, or on a broadcast only Telegram channel. This makes it easier for the project to manage news output and reduces unprofessional contact.

Long term commitment to the Ethereum XOV token announced

XOV are pleased to announce its long term commitment to the existing XOV Ethereum token available to buy on Mercatox and ABCC exchanges. This package of measures gives token holders 4 options to generate future profitability from their token. The details are available in a Company Statement today, and include a Future Buyback Programme, links to future profits of their stable coin and payments business, and others.

Click here for XOV.ETH Statement

XOV Core Masternode Franchise Programme is launched

The Masternode Franchise Programme  has been launched today for people wanting to get involved in running the XOV Core stable digital currency network in the future. Uniquely, interested parties are treated as fully supported business partners and will be responsible for the governance of the network.Masternode operators will share in 90% of the block rewards offered by the network which will be capitalised by an underlying intrinsic value. This is the world’s first Masternode enabled stable coin, and business partners will also be able to convert their stable coins into FIAT directly without any interaction with third party exchanges.

XOV partners with Infinito Wallet in DApp integration deal

XOV has partnered with Infinito Wallet in a two phase integration deal that provides XOV services to Infinito Wallet customers around the world. Phase I provides direct access to the XOV decentralised exchange and Phase II will provide direct access to the XOV Connect mobile DApp that is currently being developed which will include exchange and payment services.

Read the press release.

XOV lists in Hong Kong and China on QIEX

XOV lists on the QIEX exchange in Hong Kong and China today at 10:00am UTC. XOV is a Star Market project and has passed a critical review about our project information, blockchain explorer and project community. The trading pairs are ETH. USDT and QI. You can access QIEX exchange at

Slipstream partners with LightForms.CC in Augmented Reality partnership

Slipstream, XOV’s new digital payments division, is proud to announce a strategic partnership with LightForms.CC – a US based Augmented Reality (AR) merchandise and development entity, including digital action figures, virtual playsets and vehicles. Slipstream will be providing cryptocurrency payment services to LightForms.CC and its clients.

Click here to read the press release.

XOV plans to launch bank-grade cryptocurrency payments service


XOV is preparing to launch a new bank-grade cryptocurrency payments service using a fully decentralised solution thats not reliant on the traditional Visa/Mastercard networks using a new integrated mobile application called XOV Connect. The new payments brand, Slipstream, is launching its own website in March 2019 and will allow cryptocurrency project owners and merchants to sign up to the new service. Slipstream will be providing scalable card solutions including debit and credit cards as part of its commitment to support XOV with its decentralised banking plans in the future.


A press release is available here : Slipstream PR

Click here to learn more.

Wesley Han joins the XOV Team

We’re pleased to announce our latest addition to the XOV team. Wesley Han joins the business as Director of our Digital Payments Division.