Smart Digital Payments are coming soon. Bring your cryptocurrency to the world.

A fully decentralised and professional solution designed to protect your customer’s funds

Slipstream is the smart digital payments brand for XOV and is in pre-launch mode. Slipstream will provide a fully decentralised cryptocurrency payments service ensuring that cardholder’s funds are protected. With no centralisation involved, cardholders are not exposed to risk of a central point of failure, or the shutdown of an exchange. Backed by a solid team and the pro-compliance status of XOV, Slipstream offers a low risk solution to any cryptocurrency project wanting the highest standards of card solutions delivery for their community, and reduces legal liability in the event that something goes wrong. Your community deserves the best level of protection possible.

Bank-grade, scalable solutions

Slipstream aims to rival mainstream payment networks such as Visa and Mastercard using blockchain technology, offering low fees to retail merchants, and by making the source currency irrelevant to the transaction. The payments network will be scaled to deliver most demanding volumes, offering international delivery and fulfilment and bank-grade security printing. We can produce physical or virtual cards ranging from 1,000 to 1M+ anywhere in the world professionally branded.

Chargeback protection for retail merchants

Unlike payments solutions that use the Visa and Mastercard networks to run their service on, merchants are protected from chargebacks as part of the service with Slipstream, and there is a zero risk of a mainstream network declining payments due to breaches of their policies. This means that currency owners won’t be dealing with refunds and chargeback complaints from  merchants accepting their currency.

A range of cards for everyone – with cardholder rewards

Slipstream will offer a range of debit and credit cards to customers wishing to pay with cryptocurrency and cardholders will be offered a range of card benefits and rewards we’ve arranged with a reputable partner. This means currency owners can provide choice to their community and provide added value for money. The cardholder signup process is seamless and there are no credit checks needed for credit card holders.

No awkward limits or FIAT intermediary issues

Slipstream will be using the power of XOV and its banking connections to provide a FIAT settlement service to retail merchants with no limits, and fully compliant with KYC/AML processes. This makes Slipstream the network of choice for retail merchants and your currency could be part of it.

Long term partnerships

Slipstream is interested in delivering long term results to both currency owners and retail merchants. This long term partnership approach ensures that we can all benefit from the successes and improvements in making digital payments the norm in society. All our retail merchants receive full POS support.


Slipstream will launch its own microsite in March 2019 and the XOV Connect integrated mobile application is in development with compatibility for both Android and Apple devices. Additional product information will be available once the website is launched and pre-orders are now being taken from cryptocurrency projects for inclusion into the Slipstream network.

Don’t risk your reputation or currency with inferior payment services. Choose a sustainable and scalable digital payment service that you can trust, backed by a Swiss bank. Become part of the Slipstream digital payments network – the preferred network of retail merchants.

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