The new stable digital currency is called XOV Stable (XSTA) and will be available to Private account-holders only. Anyone wishing to use the currency will need to open an account with XOV, and the currency can be bought directly from XOV.

XOV is offering a 5% discount off the XSTA currency for XOV.ETH token holders.

The exchange rate is:

1 XSTA = $1 (US)

1 XOV.ETH = 5% discount

The net effect is that for every XSTA you purchase, it will cost you 95 cents instead of $1 for each XOV.ETH token you use for the discount. There are no upper limits.


Register your XOV.ETH onto a tokenholder scheme

In line with rewarding our XOV.ETH token holders for their loyalty, we have launched 4 exciting schemes that our token holders can register and participate in according to their individual needs, giving our community even more incentives to buy and hold the token.

Open a Private Account

This service is not yet launched

By opening an XOV Private Account you’ll be able to buy the stable currency.