Registration Area for XOV.ETH Schemes

XOV are offering a number of schemes for the XOV Ethereum token holder, including:-

(1) Future Buyback Programme

(2) Operating a Masternode for the forthcoming Core stable coin network (this can be done using Bitcoin or the XOV.ETH token)

(3) 5% discount off the new XSTA stable currency using the XOV.ETH token (Original price $1, discounted price 95 cents per XOV.ETH token exchanged)

(4) Token swap to XOVR (XOV Revenue Token) which offers a share of 5% of net profits from the XOV business for life until XOVR supply is exhausted (50,000 XOV.ETH = 1 x XOVR.ETH)

Click here to read the XOV.ETH Statement

To take advantage, you need to complete the Registration Form below which can be used for all schemes. Registrations are received in order of date and time.

Please make yourself aware of the terms and conditions for each scheme before you register your interest.