Private Accounts

XOV offers the ultimate digital private banking for high net worth individuals, corporations, Banks and Governments, enabling the storage and utility of the XOV stable digital currency. Private business accounts are also available to XOV business partners.

Using XOV Core (the stable digital currency network), XOV provides the security and confidence that the XOV stable digital currency retains a stable value that is backed by underlying value with tangible assets that can be audited on the blockchain.

Benefits of being a private client

Private clients will be allocated with a secure, private wallet for their stable digital currency storage and usage and will be responsible for their own private keys. No deposits are made to XOV for private accounts. In the future, private clients will be issued with an XOV credit card associated with their wallet.

The private account also allows clients to buy and sell their XOV stable currency directly with XOV.

Account types

There are two levels of private account:-

Private clients – this is for personal clients, corporations, Banks and Governments. Minimum stable coin purchase is required according to application type.

Partners – this is for business partners associated with XOV who require an account as part of our XOV Masternode Franchise Programme or Merchant Programme.

Private account holders will be serviced by our Private Banking Team. More information on our Private Banking services will be made available soon with the ability to open an account with us.


Apply for a Private Account to enjoy all the benefits of our stable digital currency .


Apply for a Private Business Account for exchange transactions.