Mission & Values

XOV – an internationally listed cryptocurrency – is about to leave the myriad of cryptocurrency and cryptocurrency exchanges swimming in crowded waters.

By blending innovative, thematic marketing with our unique revenue-sharing model, XOV will be the first cryptocurrency to resonate with the broader world population. Our mission is to empower people to transcend traditional banking and financial services. The XOV project was germinated by a team of innovators, still working hard today, with a common interest to re-cast traditional banking within a blockchain powered platform. XOV will offer a full suite of banking and financial services that invites people who are used to traditional banking to explore the freedom of international crypto-banking, and to do so with the same trust and confidence they have in their own local bank.

Our market is over a billion traditional bank customers around the world with more than $8tr in annualised income and proportionate banking transactions. Hampered by traditional banking boundaries, our customers will look back one day and wonder why they had not realised how trapped they were. XOV is bringing decentralised finance to the forefront of minds and at a time when many blockchain trading platforms are hiding in the shadows. XOV is working towards a fully compliant solution. The approach by XOV is forecasted to generate gross revenues of $1.8m within 12 months of trading with our retail product (subject to inward investments), and towards $68m+ within 3 years.

The investment received in this period will also prepare the business for much higher revenues in the future, once it’s stable coin and decentralised stable bank are built.

Our Vision: Freedom through financial empowerment

People are conditioned to think that the traditional banking system is the only financial system in which they can participate. So thorough is this conditioning, that for the average person, the possibility of something better never even registers.

The XOV vision is of all people freed from traditional banking, and participating in financial self-direction and control. People who participate in the XOV model will experience financial choice, independence and ownership. They will recognise how XOV places social, environmental and ethical considerations on an equal footing with profits, striking the balance between financial stability and the experience that all customers should expect from their bank. And their trust and confidence will be earned and nurtured in the context of our apolitical, decentralised platforms. These are the values that people instinctively long for, but won’t know they were missing until they experience them.