The Masternode Franchise Programme

Run your own fully supported franchise business maintaining the XOV Core network

We’re inviting tech-savvy professionals to get involved in helping to maintain the XOV Core stable digital currency network by becoming a franchise operation that is licensed to validate XOV Core transactions. Our business partners will be responsible for keeping the stable currency alive and in return, being able to mint stable coins that are convertible into FIAT currency. The XOV core network will also be servicing the Slipstream card transaction business in the future.

This is the chance of a lifetime to become part of the stable digital currency future by growing your own transaction processing business with us, servicing millions of customers.


Welcome to the XOV Core Masternode Franchise Programme.

We expect a high standard of service from our franchisees, including attendance at online training sessions, a minimum commitment period, and to be listed officially as an approved franchise. As part of our Programme you’ll be supported by a Franchise Account Manager to guide you through the process, and help with any issues – so you’re not on your own.

Because XOV Core is a stable digital currency, the rules are different to other industry standard Masternode operations. Firstly, we treat our franchise operators as business professionals, and secondly, you won’t have to wait to convert your stable coin profits into FIAT by placing sell orders on an exchange. XOV will be handling the stable coin to FIAT process directly, and because there are no price fluctuations, one stable coin today is worth one stable coin tomorrow and the day after and so on, so its value remains intact (within a general tolerance). Masternode owners will be allocated 90% of the overall block rewards with 10% of the reward going to general XOV wallet users as interest on holding their stable coin.

Franchise operators will need to have an authenticated XOV account (this can be for an individual or corporation), and are permitted to apply for more than one MN licence. We will restrict the availability of licences at varying times to ensure the integrity of the network, and to prevent too many Masternodes from operating. This avoids a situation where large Masternode operators are disproportionately controlling the network and the block rewards. As the volume of customers and transactions increase, the number of Masternode opportunities will increase.

Masternode applications will not automatically be accepted and are subject to acceptance by XOV and we reserve the right to suspend or terminate any licence in case of breach of conditions – this is to protect the community from fraudulent activity.

Masternode specifications

To set up a Core Masternode you can use a VPS running Ubuntu Server 18.04.

Block type: PoS
RPC port: 9451
P2P port: 9452
Block reward: To be confirmed
Masternode collateral: 5,000 XSTA
Masternode confirmations: 15
Coinbase maturity: 20 blocks
Target spacing: To be confirmed
Target lifespan: To be confirmed
Transaction confirmations: 6 blocks
Hashing algorithm: SHA-3

Expressions of interest being accepted now

If you wish to express your interest in becoming a franchise, are technically capable, and have investment funds, please make an application here. Payment is accepted in BTC. Please let us know how many Masternodes you are potentially interested in operating. Payment is not required at this stage – only your expression of interest.

XOV brings real world use to digital currency

As part of the XOV commitment to bring real world use to digital currency, the XOV Core network needs to grow exponentially over a sustained period of time. This requires as many operators as possible to help maintain the network, private banking clients, and merchants willing to accept the stable digital currency. XOV are continually negotiating with all stakeholders to make this happen, so that you can be assured that your Masternode is generating revenue day after day, and provides opportunities for you to grow your Masternode business.

No awkward exchanges to contend with when converting your block reward revenues. Direct conversion to real currency.

Masternode Application and Operating process

Masternode Plan

$5,000Once only collateral cost

Franchise operators need to be licensed by XOV and purchase the stable coin collateral directly from XOV.