With a strong tokenomics foundation, the future of digital currency is within grasp and can be globally proliferated to the masses to spend on everyday goods and services in the digital and real economies. XOV has collaborated with academic professionals for some time to theorise a proprietory stable digital currency. Our ‘stable coin’ and ‘global decentralised stable bank’, will be developed concurrently with DAMP and be based in a crypto-friendly regulatory environment. This banking operation will target wholesale clients including Central Banks, institutional investment funds, and high net worth individuals and be reserved against a range of tokenised hedged assets. The stable coin will be integrated into DAMP as part of a convergence process that results in a retail decentralised banking environment. The stable digital currency will sit on its own secure private network (

This part of the business will not be ready until 2019/2020 based on the current phasing of investment rounds, but could be sooner if the investments are received more quickly, thereby accelerating its development. The current investment rounds fund both the retail and the wholesale divisions of the business.

The global decentralised bank and stable digital currency is part of the XOV Roadmap.

XOV has been working with esteemed academics for the last 10 months including Demelza Hays, our retained cryptocurrency economist, Dr Andrei Kirilenko, Professor of Finance at the Imperial College in London, and Robert MacCrae at the London School of Economics. Our body of research includes analysis of existing stable currency projects including their vulnerabilities.

Our pool of academic research provides us with a good foundation for developing this further, applying for patent protection, and converting the model into a technical specification for blockchain development to build a global decentralised bank.

More information about this division of the business will become available over the coming months, so please check back for updates.

For more information about XOV’s Tokenomics, please visit our Key Documents page.