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Finally an exchange that syncs with your life.


Roll into the future of money with XOV

You’re used to crypto exchanges and their typical, tired look. That’s why exploring our Decentralised Asset Management Platform (DAMP) is going to feel like you’re test-driving a brand new car.

Tired of superfluous data? Need to access support? Want to do business on the trusted BitShares network? And in the near future sync your crypto-activity with the rest of your life? Make the XOV DAMP your cryptocurrency home, and you’ll be in the driver’s seat .

Just as the stone wheel changed the trajectory of humanity and civilization, so too will the XOV cryptocurrency offering. As you buy, sell and trade XOV products within our DAMP, you’ll be participating in and helping to build the future of money.

You’re in early. You’re a leader. You’ll have many advantages when the masses follow.

Click on the DAMP link and manage your crypto-folio with XOV.

The XOV DAMP—it’s got that new car smell

(that is, if a website could have a smell).

In case you hadn’t noticed, at XOV the metaphors run deep. That’s because the magnitude of great things—like an awesome crypto token, a future stable coin, and future suite of diverse financial instruments for global digital commerce—can only be conveyed with a powerful metaphor.