Ethereum utility token (xov.eth)

XOV currently has an Ethereum utility token that is listed on a number of centralised and decentralised cryptocurrency exchanges. Our current tokenholder base is diverse in all markets including US, Asia, Africa and European continents, but there is no method of determining the tokenholder profile. Currently there are under 2,000 XOV tokenholders but this is expected to increase to over 27,000 tokenholders once we distribute tokens from an Infinito Wallet airdrop promotion.

Once we release our DAMP, we will be able to validate our tokenholders by taking them through a customer account process to better determine what products and services we can offer. Our Ethereum token strategy is simple. We intend to retain this token and use it as a utility token for the DAMP. We will continue to list the token on larger cryptocurrency exchanges.


  • By holding the token, our tokenholders can use it for a new revenue sharing token on DAMP
  • Our DAMP customers can use their token to purchase upgrades and memberships
  • Our DAMP customers may one day be able to use it to pay for network fees
  • Our DAMP customers will one day be able to use XOV to purchase the XOV stable coin