XOV project commences

XOV was born on 26 January 2018. Xovercoin sets itself apart from other altcoins by xrossing over the crypto norms. Xovercoin strives to become a futurecoin.

​The project is based on delivering a blockchain solution that provides a range of encrypted wallet applications, with interoperability with Fiat currency systems. The project will develop partnerships with a range of merchants in different sectors, and develop its own enterprises that harness the power of the currency.

​The project is driven by a development company with a highly experienced management team, whose focus is on commercial and technical development excellence.

​The project has global reach and is outwards looking in all continents. XOV will be undertaking a full ICO process with token generation for early investors.

​The Investment Prospectus will be made available in Q1 2018, including roadmap, ICO process and details of the project aims and management team profiles.



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