The XOV business plans to have a portfolio of 4 currencies. The current Ethereum token (XOV.ETH) will continue to be a key part of our operational strategy. XOV is also introducing a Revenue Sharing Token (RST.BTS) in the near future along with a secure BitShares based token (XOV.BTS). Finally, as part of our diversification into decentralised banking in the future, we will develop our stable coin for use with all retail and wholesale XOV clients hedged against a suite of low risk tokenised assets.

  • The first cryptocurrency project to focus on building a community that sees beyond coin volatility.
  • Complies with UK laws and regulations.
  • A company focused on helping you live your life in the age of digital finance.
  • Emulating the same security and trust that you’re used to.
  • Transcending traditional banking and finance, towards empowering our customers.

For more information about XOV’s Tokenomics, please visit our Key Documents page.

Contract information – XOV.ETH

Contract address: 0x153ed9cc1b792979d2bde0bbf45cc2a7e436a5f9
Token symbol: XOV
Decimals: 18
Token type: Ethereum ERC-20 (Utility)
Max supply: 140M
Block explorer:

Token transferability and utility