XOVR is the Ethereum profit-linked token from XOV offering a share of 5% of the net profits (after taxation) of the stable coin and payments business as a dividend.

The maximum supply has been capped at 5,000 XOVR. Once the supply has been reached, the scheme will be frozen for new applicants and the token will be available for trading to allow new holders to enter the market.

This represents a unique opportunity to own part of a global stable currency and payments business


The exchange rate for this swap is:

50,000 x XOV.ETH = 1 XOVR.ETH

As more dividends are paid, the demand for the XOVR token will rise but the supply will not increase. To obtain the XOVR faster, applicants can also purchase the token for £100 (approx. $130).

Read more about the XOVR token

Please note that this scheme is only available to applicants who are legally permitted to participate. Verification may be required. Please seek independent financial advice.

Register your XOV.ETH on a tokenholder scheme

In line with rewarding our XOV.ETH token holders for their loyalty, we have launched 4 exciting schemes that our token holders can register and participate in according to their individual needs, giving our community even more incentives to buy and hold the token.