As part of the XOV Core stable digital currency network being developed, we will be enabling our community to operate Masternodes. These are critical to the overall success of the network architecture.

There are two routes to owning and operating a licence for a Masternode. The fastest route is to purchase collateral using Bitcoin (to the value of $5,000).

You can also use your XOV.ETH tokens to operate a Masternode by purchasing collateral (to the value of $5,000). To make this route easier, we are allowing our community to pool together their XOV.ETH tokens. For pools, there can only be one lead applicant who takes full responsibility for the Masternode. For this route, all applicants are placed on a waiting list. The reason for this is that XOV will need to convert the XOV.ETH currency into the new stable coin currency so there needs to be enough market liquidity to make this happen. As market liquidity improves, the waiting list will clear faster. Applicants need to ensure that when they make their application that they hold enough XOV.ETH funds to proceed when the application is accepted, otherwise they will be removed from the waiting list. XOV will require evidence that the funds are available in a designated wallet.


You can click here to view all the benefits of running a Masternode with XOV.

Register your XOV.ETH onto a tokenholder scheme

In line with rewarding our XOV.ETH token holders for their loyalty, we have launched 4 exciting schemes that our token holders can register and participate in according to their individual needs, giving our community even more incentives to buy and hold the token.

Check the Masternode Waiting List

This service is launching shortly

You will soon be able to check where you are in the Masternode waiting list.