The XOV Revenue Token (XOVR.ETH)

(Security Token)

The XOV RST token was originally created as a Bitshares asset for use with a decentralised exchange. This focus has now changed. As a result, the RST will now be re-issued as an Ethereum token and be renamed to XOVR with a maximum supply of 5,000 XOVR. Any previous RST holders will be offered a 1:1 swap (1 RST = 1 XOVR) on this basis.

XOVR.ETH will now provide a 5% share in the revenues of all payment processing fees from our payment business. The XOVR token will be tradeable in the future once all 5,000 XOVR are sold. Until this point, the face value for XOVR will be £100 GBP or equivalent in other currencies. All XOVR purchases must be registered with XOV to be eligible for revenue share distributions. Once the XOVR is sold, the registration becomes invalid and the new XOVR holder is required to register.

By investing in XOVR, you’ll also be helping XOV to develop its products and meet its long term vision – what a great partnership. Share in the fruits of our success by investing in the XOVR. For a once only investment, you’re entitled to a share of our payment revenues for life unless you sell your asset.