XOV BitShares Security Token (RST.BTS)

(Revenue Sharing Token)

XOV is proud to introduce the Revenue Sharing Token (RST) – this is our way of rewarding XOV customers, by giving a share of our trading revenues from the Decentralised Asset Management Platform (DAMP) to registered RST holders. By investing in RST, you’ll also be helping XOV to develop its products and meet its long term vision – what a great partnership. Share in the fruits of our success by investing in the RST. For a once only investment, you’re entitled to a share of our DAMP revenues for life, or if you are so inclined, why not opt to donate your revenue share to the XOV Charity Fund.


If you can answer YES to the following statements, you are likely to qualify for the RST investment programme.

  • You are a DAMP customer with XOV and have a full account (limited accounts not allowed)
  • You have bought the XOV token (Ethereum version) and hold it in a ERC-20 compatible wallet
  • You are aged over 21 years
  • You understand and agree to the risks attached in making an RST investment
  • You are legally permitted to participate in security token products


For more information about XOV’s RST programme, please visit our Key Documents page under the Corporate tab.

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