The XOV Revenue Token (XOVR.ETH)

XOVR is the profit-linked Ethereum token from XOV.  It provides the holder with a 5% share in the profits (net profits after taxation) of our stable coin and payments business.

The XOVR token has a capped supply of 5,000 XOVR which will not be increased in the future. Once all the XOVR are sold, the token will be tradeable. As dividends increase, the demand for the token will be high, but the supply will remain constant.

There are two ways to acquire this token. The token can be purchased directly from XOV using the link below, or our XOV.ETH token holders can opt to swap their tokens using our tokenholder registration scheme.

The face value for XOVR will be £100 GBP (approximately $130) or equivalent in other currencies, or 50,000 XOV.ETH tokens.

All XOVR purchases must be registered with XOV to be eligible for revenue share distributions. Once the XOVR is sold, the registration becomes invalid and the new XOVR holder is required to register. Payment distributions will be paid quarterly once the revenues start to generate.

Share in the fruits of our success by investing in the XOVR. For a once only investment, you’re entitled to a share of our payment revenues for life unless you sell your asset.

Contract address for token: 0xf6dc083ffe33b6df0734005581e5b96f52d90852
Decimals: 18
Network: Ethereum ERC-20
Total fixed supply: 5000 XOVR


XOVR Sold (318)
XOVR Total Fixed Supply (5000)

Updated: 27/04/2019