Ethereum utility token (XOV.ETH)

XOV currently has an Ethereum utility token that is listed on a number of centralised and decentralised cryptocurrency exchanges. Our current tokenholder base is diverse in all markets including US, Asia, Africa and European continents, but there is no method of determining the tokenholder profile. Currently there are approximately 6,500 XOV tokenholders. The maximum supply is 140M XOV.

The XOV token is now eligible as part of a future Buyback Programme and discount scheme/swap with the new XOV Core stable digital currency.

The token will continue to be tradeable.

Contract address for token: 0x153ed9cc1b792979d2bde0bbf45cc2a7e436a5f9
Decimals: 18
Network: Ethereum ERC-20
Max supply: 140M XOV

4 great value-added opportunities for XOV.ETH token holders

XOV are offering 4 great value-added opportunities for their loyal XOV.ETH token community as part of a long term commitment.

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Token holders are not limited to one tokenholder scheme and can participate in any combination of schemes.

Register your XOV.ETH onto a tokenholder scheme

In line with rewarding our XOV.ETH token holders for their loyalty, we have launched 4 exciting schemes that our token holders can register and participate in according to their individual needs, giving our community even more incentives to buy and hold the token.

Buy XOV.ETH at the exchange

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Buy XOV.ETH directly from XOV

This service is launching shortly

You can soon buy XOV.ETH directly and securely from XOV as part of our Over-The-Counter (OTC) service.