Ethereum utility token (XOV.ETH)

XOV currently has an Ethereum utility token that is listed on a number of centralised and decentralised cryptocurrency exchanges. Our current tokenholder base is diverse in all markets including US, Asia, Africa and European continents, but there is no method of determining the tokenholder profile. Currently there are approximately 6,500 XOV tokenholders. The maximum supply is 140M XOV.

The XOV token is not linked to any securities or assets. The XOV token has been repurposed to act as a payment method for network fees for the Core stable digital currency network.

This means that in the future the token will be converted from an Ethereum token to a new blockchain coin and all the XOV.ETH will be permanently frozen. Existing XOV tokenholders will be offered a 1:1 swap on all tokens placing them at no detriment.

The token will continue to be tradeable and we will also be operating Core masternodes to help with the running of the new network. This provides an excellent opportunity for holders to earn revenue whilst maintaining the network. The masternode programme details are not yet available but it is expected that there will be tiers with each requiring differing amounts of collateral. Existing tokenholders will be given preference to any masternode opportunities in the future.