The Decentralised Asset Management Platform (DAMP)

Conception of the DAMP
The DAMP is the flagship retail product provided by XOV for its tokenholders and customers that will provide a means of improving their quality of life through the utilisation of decentralised financial products and services, and later its seamless transition into full retail decentralised banking services. This page provides information about the features that can be expected with each version of the product. XOV is committed to continually developing the product, and increasing the customer acquisition and retention rates to generate more revenues for both our investors. As the rates increase, this will have a self-perpetuating financial benefit to everyone involved in the platform. The first version of the DAMP is already something new and different.

The DAMP is our global retail product based on the BitShares network, providing XOV customers with a range of decentralised assets that they can trade, using blockchain technology . The Bitshares network enjoys super-fast network speeds for transaction processing, and having been established for some time now is considered tested, proven and stable. Existing within an innovative community, the BitShares network will enjoy a future of sustainable growth.

Our DAMP will provide a number of revenue streams and is the first known decentralised platform on the BitShares network to include compliance with regulatory environments as an integral part of its model. Ensuring compliance for our customers will position XOV more importantly to offer a tailored customer experience that builds trust, retains customers, and provides a channel for direct interface towards supporting our customers with new financial products and services.

The DAMP will be launched in Q4 2018 (Version 1.0.), with future functionality for later versions already being planned (subject to funding). Future functionality brings a range of innovative decentralised financial products and interactive features to XOV customers, that are unlikely to be found anywhere else on the blockchain, and provides a refreshing outlook for the existing marketplace.

Version 1
This version is scheduled for release in Q4 2018 and provides a look and experience that is suitable for customers with no prior experience of using a decentralised exchange, as well as providing a quick and simple way to trade digital assets for experienced customers. The interface design is very attractive and intuitive compared to interfaces offered by our competitors. In this version, we also make available our revenue sharing security token for eligible customers. The design also allows for account upgrades, sponsored assets (as part of our lucrative digital asset listing packages), and an offers and rewards area that can be updated to stimulate re-visits.

Version 2
This version will further enhance the customer interface and include improvements identified by our first customers. We will also integrate identity management functionality using third party tools to move to a new level of regulatory compliance. This version will also include a proprietary decentralised loans module to allow our customers to interact with flexible loans. This will provide opportunities for both lenders and borrowers as well as speculators.

Version 3
This version will provide a full suite of decentralised financial products and services for our customers to use, to stimulate retention and to further generate revenues. Products may include bonds, mortgages, insurance, investment accounts and complex derivatives products. We will also work in the background on developing a full retail banking service.

Version 4
We call this version the birth of our ‘community’. Imagine Facebook for the global financial community. In this version we make it possible, with all the revenues you can only dream about as our customers interact with each other seamlessly. There are also plans to integrate hardware wallets.